Zakynthos: World’s Top Destination

Zakynthos: World’s Top Destination


Greek “philoxenia” known as “love of the foreign“, is about much more than a warm welcome; it is a complex moral code with deep Greek roots. It can’t be perfectly described, but you can feel it solely when you come into contact with a local! Zakynthians make you feel like you are home, like you knew them for a lifetime and this is considered to make the best summer memories! 


Zakynthos is a result of beautiful scenery; sandy or pebble beaches; and access to an equally stunning underwater world, filled with hidden caves and turquoise waters like Marathonisi islet (Caretta – Caretta island), Gerakas Beach and Keri Beach. But the interest isn’t limited to the beaches, the well known Shipwreck is there for a breathtaking view.
In the evening, you should enjoy the island’s spectacular view from Bohali’s cliff and at night you can walk from St. Dionysios Church to Solomos square through the port! The view, the smells and the feeling will reward you!


The Ionian Islands are famous for their traditional music, called “Kantades”!

You may hear them live in many taverns in the center of Zakynthos while you are enjoying the local wine! This kind of music is so jovial, that it makes you croon even if you don’t know the lyrics!


Of course Zakynthos is rich in history too. It’s the birthplace of many great poets such as Dionysios Solomos who wrote the national anthem of Greece!

On the main square in Zakynthos Town called Solomos square, dedicated to his honor, you will find the Byzantine Museum where religious icons, frescoes, and sculptures from the island’s churches and monasteries are displaced. On the St. Markos square you will find the museum of D. Solomos and A. Kalvos where the relics of these two poets are being kept.


Last but not least, let’s mention Zakynthian food! Greece is worldwide known for good and variable food, so does Zakynthos! In the local taverns, you may meet the friendly staff who are going to suggest you the dish of the day, or the specialty of the tavern! In any case, don’t lose to try Frigania which is a local cool sweet and of course Fitoura, which you can get from the little shops outside of the St. Dionysios Church! Now, if you want to buy something special as a souvenir for your friends, you should get Mandolato from the Zakynthos center!

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