From Amber list to Book-It list

From Amber list to Book-It list

From Amber list to Book-It list

Zakynthos island continues to belong to the amber list of Britain. Nevertheless, after the last announcements of the UK Government, the amber list is a quarantine-free list (So as Zakynthos!) for those who are fully vaccinated 2 weeks before the trip!

According to Jet2 notice, flights to Zante are open again! (Flights to Zante)


“The summer you deserve starts right now! And the good news is, following the UK Government announcement about quarantine-free Amber List destinations, our holidays to Amber List destinations will depart from 19 July. So if you’re fully vaccinated two weeks before you go, take your pick from our Green and Amber List holidays below.”


Zakynthos is going through the second week with zero cases (Zante quarantine)

As for the Zakynthians most of them have now been vaccinated and the process continues, so the safety in our island is being increased. Feel safe by visiting Zakynthos for your summer holidays as we all follow the hygiene protocols for your protection.

In Lazaros Hotel & Resort we have complied with all the norms that have been issued in order to provide you the best holiday experience during such a strange period in summer 2021.


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